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 Sale Barn,



 Dustin Seright




Lynn Meyer




Danny Seright




Mike Seright

Field Man,



 Mike Peterson

Field Man,

(Turtle Mt. Area)



"Rugby Livestock Auction, Barn of the North, Less freight, More weight"




Rugby Livestock Auction, LLC is open at 8:00 am the Saturday & Sunday before sales for your convenience.


 Sales Every Monday

Regular Sales Start at 9:00am





May 2, 2016 - NO SALE



May 9, 2016 -  Regular Sale

10 Black Pairs of Middle Aged Cows with month old calves. (banded)

2 Black 3 year old cows with month old calves




May16, 2016 -NO SALE



May 23, 2016 - Regular Sale



May30, 2016 -NO SALE






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